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We all have our own challenges to go through in life. Here are some great recovery tips we’ve learned, discovered, and implemented over the years. We wanted to share them with you as this all pertains to maintaining one’s overall well being allowing for a more peaceful life!



Make a list of things you’re good at (ex. gardening), Make a list of things you care about (ex. causes and initiatives you support), Make a list of things you like doing business-wise (ex. content creation) and Make a list of the things you need to do in your daily life (ex. doing laundry).


After making YOUR, “Four Lists,” write down where your strengths lie, what you really want out of your professional life and actions steps to achieve these goals. The act of following through with this requires attention, focus, willingness to put in the work, time and patience.

After you’ve completed your lists you will be able to see clear overlaps in your life. These things will relate to how you perceive the world and pertains to how everything physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually connects with one another.

Recognizing this value chain system within oneself allows for the creation of, “action steps,” which helps one in achieving personal and professional goals. Start by creating small, “action steps,” and grow as you go throughout this implementation process.

~ Don’t fret because everything does connect! ~

~ Let’s Grow Together & Glow Together~

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