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Today’s Networked Health Recipes Are: Cauliflower / Cauliflower Fish Filet

~ Learn How To Make These Great Dishes Below ~

These recipes are definitely classic recipes ~ one which can be updated for everyone’s lifestyles! We’ve done some additional research (in case this recipe doesn’t suit one’s dietary choices) and have included some ideas to try out if you’d like to do so (see, the “Substitutes,” Cauliflower Fish Filet,” and, “Cauliflower Fish Filet Recipe Variations,” sections for additional info and modification details.

Cauliflower (Original Handwritten Recipe):

~ From The Collection Of Josephine A. Sano ~

Cauliflower (Printed Version):

– 2 eggs (beaten)


– 4 anchovy filets (chopped)

– 1c. water

– 1 c. flour (no salt)

~ 1/2 tsp. red pepper

~ 1 small cauliflower

~ Deep Fry (See Alternatives Section)

~ Substitutes ~

Deep Fryer Substitutes We Came Up With:

~ Use An Air Fryer (no oil necessary)

~ Lightly coat the ingredients with oil and pan fry it (be sure to stir frequently as to ensure the dish doesn’t burn)

~ Lightly coat the ingredients with oil and bake it (set your oven at 350 degrees, check on the filets after 10-15 minutes, flip all ingredients to the other side to ensure they’re fully cooked and well rounded)Fish

Filet Substitutes:


~ Jack Mackerel

~ Smelt

** Do Not Use Sardines As A Substitute **

The information regarding fish substitution is from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood article posted on This article has additional, “fish dish,” substitutes and information ~ we highly encourage you to read this!

~ Cauliflower Fish Filet ~

Please Note: We have not made any of these, “modified recipes,” just yet so please be sure to be mindful when making any and all modifications. Be sure to provide us with some feedback, let us know what you chose to do and share your own modernized / modified /updated version with everyone to try!

– 2 eggs (beaten)


– 4 anchovy filets (See, “Substitutes,” Section For Additional Fish Selections)

– 1c. water

– 1 c. flour (no salt)

~ 1/2 tsp. red pepper

~ 1 small cauliflower

~ Deep Fry (See, “Substitutes,” Section For Additional Cooking Selections)

~ Cauliflower Fish Filet Recipe Variations ~

Turn This Dish Into A Refreshing & Crisp Salad!

~ Follow All Steps Above

~ Wait for the dish to cool

~ Add some (chopped) fresh lettuce

~ Add some fresh (diced) spinach

~ Add a bit of lemon juice and/or lemon pepper (to use as a dressing to give the dish a bit of a, “kick”

~ Combine all ingredients and toss for a chill salad

Turn This Dish Into A Dip!

~ Follow All Steps Above

~ Wait for the dish to cool

~ Add some fresh (diced) tomatoes beans, corn, spinach, onions, artichoke, broccoli and/ or other vegetables you think would be tasty to include

~ Add a little bit of lemon juice (for flavoring)

~ Combine all ingredients

~ Purée and chill

~ After it’s nice and chill dip with your favorite crackers and/ or chips!

** Dip & Salad Ingredient Additions May Also Go Great If One Chooses To Pan Fry Or Bake This Dish! **

PLEASE NOTE: These are suggestions based off of knowledge we have acquired throughout the years (as it pertains to modifying a variety of other types of recipes) so please be sure to use discretion if /when you choose to make adjustments. These are merely recommendations we derived to suit others’ health lifestyle choices and are not (by any means) to be taken as professional advice. We are requesting you to be mindful of the choices you make if/when one chooses to modify the original recipe.

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