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This page is dedicated to providing information pertaining to crystal healing, it’s benefits and how this healing modality works from a scientific perspective.

General Overview:

Crystals (also known as precious, semi-precious gemstones and often referred to as, rocks) have been used for millennia to as a healing modality. The utilization of this particular branch of medicine (a form of traditional medicine) aids one’s mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

Many crystal therapy practitioners, throughout the world, focus on crystal therapy in conjunction with other medical modalities allowing for a more complimentary holistic method of treating one’s overall being (illness treatment, prevention and wellness maintenance). Crystal Therapy is not to be used in lieu of prescriptions, diagnosis or treatment.

The information provided here focuses on the metaphysical properties found within crystals and general powers associated with them. This information is being distributed as a guidance tool to aid in one’s individual understanding of crystal therapy as a medical modality.

Crystal therapy is only one of many forms of medicine practiced throughout this world. Please keep in mind that this information is for your own personal growth and understanding throughout your crystal therapy journey and shall not be misconstrued as, “professional medical,” advice.

Again, crystal therapy is one form of healing and by using this site along with any associated materials contained within you acknowledge and agree that you take sole responsibility for your use and/or misuse of this information.

Below are links to additional information about specific crystals. Enjoy and please contact us if there’s additional information you’d like to share!

Crystal Descriptions & Overviews